Backyard of the cathedral

Growing up playing hide and seek
at the backyard of the cathedral.

Garden of flowers mingled with trees;
towers, spires and the domes.
Inner courts and outer courts;
felt so different in young mind.

Mum with bible in her hands,
talking something I don’t understand.

I sought my head in curiosity;
to the focal of the secret place.
Tipped my toe and sealed my mouth;
Breath would cleft serenity!

Robes of priests, papal ferula;
they looked solemn and frowned at me.
Veil and altar communion,
don’t mess up and be still, kid!
This is not a place for freedom,
do what I’ve said and you’ll be set free.

Grown up knowing what is right,
trying harder to stay right.
Do this, do that, and they said;
no one hear my inner voice.

Started journey to find light,
chased the shadow that might fight.
Detour; crooked; made a turn;
sheep was lost but Grace found it.

Broken vessels He treasures,
Nothing ‘ve wasted!
He said to me.
Feed My sheep if that you would.

Tears in eyes but less on hands,
break my heart for what breaks Yours.
Two fishes and five loaves bread,
only He can feeds them all.

He’d seen me through
and watched me grow,
This is My plan, oh My child,
only when you trust in Me.

The backyard of the cathedral;
tiny body Big future.

I’ve marked you,
I’ve marked you;
as a daughter
of the great I AM!


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