Good afternoon!

im done
Teapot is on,
the cups are waiting,

Favorite chairs anticipating,
No matter what I have to do,

My friends, there’s always time for you.

November 2015 – The Landing Point – The Fullerton Bay Hotel – Singapore.

Equilibrium – Deli Dolce


  • Raspberry and green apple prosciutto
  • Chocolate salami
  • Milk chocolate and caramelized onion pate with whisky caramel jelly
  • Bacon jam

My first try of savoury dessert of charcuterie plate at Equilibrium.
I could hardly express the taste.
It is just ….. eglaf.

Dreamy Camera Cafe – 꿈꾸는사진기

Yes, you are right!
I was, inside, the classic Rolleiflex twin-lens camera!

Dreamy Camera Cafe was my last stop of “cafes hopping” in South Korea during this solo trip.
As per my first post, I will share cafes which attracted me the most during this journey
And thank God that He always reserves the best for last!
I’ve planned to come to this lovely place on the first day I touched down Korea
But unfortunately due to some unforeseen circumstances
I was only able to fit in my schedule to the last day, for the last stop
I couldn’t kept thinking that if I would have the chance to come earlier,
To be honest, South Korea has too many interesting cafes
But Dreamy Camera Cafe is thus far my most favourite one!
One thing about Korea is that I love to discover their outskirts and allowed myself to excuse from the crowd
Dreamy Camera Cafe was located further from the city which took me 4 hours ride in total for both the journey to and from (however it depends on where you’re living)
The whole concept of this cafe apart from the ‘camera’ as everyone could apprehend,
what I love the most is the feeling of ‘home‘.
First, I was welcomed by this lovely doggie,
who subsequently I found out from the internet that her name is Bodri!
When you saw a doggie running towards you the moment you alight from a car, you know that you’re home!
I’ve tried to conduct some research on my way back and realised that this cafe built by a former pilot and avid camera collector. The owener, Park Sung-hwan dreamed of becoming a military pilot ever since he was a boy in elementary school. When he informed his family of this ambition, they told him that serving in the armed forces wasn’t worth pursuing. Park persevered, joining the army in 2000 and eventually becoming a helicopter pilot. But now he has another, more unusual passion; the Dreamy Camera Cafe that he runs with his wife Kwak Myung-hee, herself a retired army pilot. (Extracted online, click “here” for full article)
I had a chance to speak to the lady boss (I would assume so, as she was the only one in the premise who served me), whom subsequently I found out from the internet that she was an army pilot!
(How awesome! I should have gave her a salute.)
Lady boss speaks very well English and was so helpful to take some lovely pictures of mine.
If you’re concerned about language barriers (like me!), fear not!
They have English menu and English speaking boss!
I’ve been told that the lovely house beside the Rolleiflex camera is her house!
There was a second I hardly imagine how would it like to live in such an enchanting place compare to the hectic Singapore tall buildings that I am living in!
Apologies for not able to elaborate more about the food
As I had a very heavy brunch before headed to this cafe.
However, I’ve ordered their pink lemonade (oh yea, why was it pink? I don’t know)
It tasted light and refreshing, totally to my liking~
As I started my travel journey these few years, I’ve brewed a hobby of writing postcard
Friends started to look forward receiving postcards from me whenever I travel
Dreamy Camera Cafe was too sweet to prepare some postcard for selling and they would happily absorb the stamp fee and post it out for you
I’ve spent a little time to write the postcards and delivered one for myself too!

Towards the end of my solo trip this round
I’ve been travelling around to collect the colours in life.
In this journey of nursing a broken heart and broken soul, I understand that life could still be meaningful only if you see it with a grateful heart
I love story that build on dream and hope
That’s the two things which motivate life.

“My wife and I wanted to build a place where anyone could share their stories and help out those who are struggling to discover or achieve their dreams. The idea for a camera-themed cafe came later.”

My heart was captured by this phrase as I read
This is the main reason that I love about this cafe
Beyond that interesting outlook of the cafes, it is only with the heart that one can see rightly, what is essential is invisible to the eye
– it is the dream that secretly hiding in you.

Take subway to the nearest station: Yongmun Station, and from there, catch a taxi and show the driver the name of the cafe. This cafe is very famous that almost all drivers would instantly know that place. Driver will give you his name card and you are welcome to call him during your return journey.
Taxi fare to and from is approximately KRW 21,000 (c.SGD 27.00)

341-13, Jung-won-ri, Yongmun-myeon, Yangpyeong-gun, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

click me“(in Korean)

May 2015 – Seoul, South Korea.

MAJO & SADY – 마조앤새디카페

Too cute …. too cute.
First thing in my mind, was cute, and cute.

Today I am gonna share one of the cutest cafe I’ve been in Korea
Majo & Sady was not in my itinerary
There was one day I had a free slot during the day time, while searching the web looking for some interesting cafes, “Majo & Sady” seems to be the most ‘hit’ website in the google
A bit hesitated at first, ‘cuteness’ does not count in my itinerary
I was suppose to hunt down some interesting cafes with fascinating story behind the theme
But Majo & Sady was a lucky guess and now I am happy to share with my ‘unexpected’ treasure
If you like something cute but not into Hello Kitty at all (like me!)
This place may bring you some childhood that you’re longing for

When I started to conduct some research on this cafe
I just realised that Majo & Sady are characters in an online comic series by Cheol Yeon Jung, which revolves around the interesting daily life of Majo, a house-husband who takes care of the household chores, and his working wife, Sady, the bread-winner.
(interesting, aye?!)
Majo is the brown bear in glasses, Sady is the white rabbit.
They have one son and two cats.
It is rumored that the name Majo comes from masochism and Sady comes from sadism.
(OMG this is so real life!)
Let me share with you a little bit of this place
It is a three storey cafe located near Dongdaemun History and Culture Park Station
By the time I was there, it wasn’t many people at all, less than 10 I guess
But the place is massive, and you can have all choices of seats you want
(Oh, how I love places with no crowd!)
You will be welcomed by this couple
I can’t help but to raise the tip of my lips when I saw them
What an adorable couple!
I’ve ordered their brunch set and I love the creamy soup and the salad!
They have given the sour cream and honey to go with the hot cake
The portion is a little too big for me!
I can’t remember how much it cost for the whole meal
But I am pretty sure that it was not more than SGD 20.
Talking about having brunch in Singapore, this price is absolutely reasonable.
To close this, I actually had a revelation during this visit – I am not alone!
You will be too occupied by soft toys who sitting around you, “dying” to have a meal with you.
I saw a lonely cat (or rabbit?!) staring outside the window, waiting for someone!
My heart pricked a little for a second
Yea, everyone seems to waiting for everyone
Faithfully …. quietly …
From Dongdaemun History and Culture Park Station, Exit 3, you can see the cafe across the road diagonally to your right. It’s best to take the crossing that’s a little to the left of the exit, as there isn’t one in front of the cafe.

172 Gwanghee2-dong, Jung-gu, Seoul
서울시 중구 광희동2가 172

“click me”

May 2015 – Seoul, South Korea.

Yoon’s Color Drama Gallery – 윤스칼라

Today I am gonna start with my very first post of the cafes in Korea.
Yoon’s Color Drama Gallery was my first stop.
It has been formerly known as Four Seasons House and located at Sangsu-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul.
When I did my research online, I was expecting to pay some admission fees (to be known for KRW5,000)
However, I reached that place with a little surprise.
It has seems to be transformed into a cafe rather than a ‘gallery’ and no admission fees required.
It wasn’t as expected as what I thought it would be.
No, don’t get me wrong. It wasn’t bad, just that I was expecting some sort of more colourful place with the ‘drama’ feeling as it sounds
Approached me was a friendly lady who speaks a little English
Communication wasn’t that bad as she managed to recommend me with some food and beverages which she thoughts I would love
I wasn’t taken any food since morning until I reached that place in the afternoon around 3pm
I’ve ordered a pizza (and I have to double confirm with her that I am solo and I do not wish to have a big portion)
Amazingly I love that pizza which she recommended! However, I couldn’t finish it but I’ve tried my very best to finished with two pieces left
The pizza come along with the ‘dip-it-you-can’ honey syrup with almond shred in it
It tasted heavenly to combine with the pizza
Well, guilty as charged, I really didn’t know what kind of pizza was that
But I tasted fruit inside the pizza (probably tasted like a pineapple)
It went so well with the melted cheese!
Food aside, if you love anything vintage like me, you would probably love this place!
As you can see from the pictures that I’ve taken, it is so much into my taste.
It has seats and tables indoor as well as outdoor
The beautiful weather in May could very much allowed you to sitting outside with a pasture view and colourful flowers
I simply love the ambiance.

*I’ve taken the direction map online

Take subway line 6 to Sangsu Station, go out exit #2, and walk for about 3 min towards Hongik Univ.
Please refer to the map.

12, Wausan-ro 14-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul
서울특별시 마포구 와우산로14길 12 (상수동)

May 2015 – Seoul, South Korea.


There are times, like after a long day of work,
when the thought of an easy drive-through is enticing, people tends to hit to everywhere easier to get their appetite fixed.

How many times we forgot to slow down in life
Take a look at our necessities and make it grows its value, like, grocery shopping.

There are times, I get my head out of the text books
and get a job in the real world – grocery shopping.
That makes me feel normal.
I wait in line, grab plenty of plastic bags full of stuff
And regret for not getting a ‘go green’ bag.

Recently, I have a new hobby – grocery with mum!
Mum is not staying in town with me
this make our moment together even more a treasure.
She grabbed everything she wants,
and put it into the trolley
She turned to me and laughed
– she knew I will pay for the bill while check out.

Her reaction brought me back to my childhood
When I was little, I used to followed mum at her back while we did our grocery shopping
I would took a chocolate bar
and secretly slipped it into the trolley
Mum knew it, she pretended she didn’t.
I did not understand that calls ‘love’ back then

Today, I would do everything for mum
Just because she used to love me quietly
and abundantly, without me knowing.
Instead of secretly putting a chocolate bar into the trolley and hoping mum would pay for it
I can now secretly pay for everything mum needs,
without her knowing.

Mum, this is my time.
I mean, now.
Blue Effervescence

Simply Bread @Cluny Court

Finally I have some quiet time with my own
Picking up my long lost Sophie Kinsella’s after the torturing exams period
I decided to go back to my favourite place – Cluny Court (after Dempsey Hill)
This is my first visit to Simply Bread
@ 1 Fifth Avenue Singapore 268802
Food is generally alright, not too fantastic but no negative comments
I ordered a chunk egg for brunch with mocha
It cost me S$7.10 (chunk egg)
Let’s check out the core
I would say that food is not my main reason that I’m here today
Simply searching out a new place that I could do my reading
The environment is generally well embellished and most of the people were chit-chating quietly and flipping through the magazines that provided there or doing some office works
(Two guys happened to sit beside me and I peeked through their works, probably two designers discussing over a scratch of some interiors drafted portfolio, awesome)

My beloved Sophie Kinsella’s ‘I’ve Got Your Number’ with my sidekick, (somebody said that my sidekick is ugly? Damn, this fella must have a bad taste)

To feed your curiosity, what is more attractive in Cluny Court?
I found this in a wash room !!!!
It was like, drat it! Isn’t this kind of classy stuff is kind of like an ornament in those ‘born rich’ family?!
So I’m sure this is convincing
Cluny Court would be a place of lavish life style which the washroom itself speaks so loud

As usual, I will walk around the place before I heading back home
Although it is just an upper storey with not much shops
(I still wondering how they maintain their business by the way)
But this is the place that I love the most after Dempsey Hill
Reason being, I love to get myself out from a crowded place to some sort of wilderness like this
And the environment just fit in what I’m always dreaming to have
A place where serenity is uphold and a quiet soul be satisfied.

Photo taken inside the lavishly ‘born rich’-ed wash room, making me feeling so wealthy.

Happy Birthday to Singapore

Happy Birthday to Singapore !!
My second country I have to say.
You’ve been good to me for the past six years, and more to come.
That enabled me to live happily in harmony.
Grateful for your prosperity and peace.

What more on a holiday?
I kicked start with a great movie “Total Recall”
It was awesome !!!

Sooner we have nothing to do and wandering around
Saw a lovely wedding gift
I bet, I have a feeling of getting married too~
I always have a little sense towards precious moment
I think all girls would love them
But this fine little gift cost of S$119

We adjourned to our dinner at about 5pm
Yea you’re right, it’s crazy to have dinner at this hour
But you’re gonna agree with me if you know that we skipped our breakfast and lunch
I’ve been nagged for being too weak in my body recently
By different people in different way
So I decided to pampered myself with a good and nourishing chinese herbal soup
Yes! I felt healthy now!

Lastly, oh, just right after our dinner
We moved to TCC (The Connoisseur Concerto) for some chit chat
A time of lying on a comfy sofa with both my legs crossed
But however my drink was a major fail
While I decided to choose something extraordinary than my usual ‘Calming Spirit’
This ‘Crimson Duet’ is totally a dissapointment
It was suppose to be a mixture of strawberries and rose
But I must say, it tasted just like a ‘sugus’ blended with water
(sugus = is a brand of chewy hard candy)

me and my yucky sugus drink 😦

After that, we hurried back to a nearby train station when we realised that the NDP is gonna ended
(NDP = National Day Parade)
We heard a huge sound of fireworks but we hurried in an opposite direction
Guess why were we acting weird? Simply because we want to avoid the crowd
That is, a squeezy train ride after the fireworks done
My holiday ended there.
And now I’m swingging my legs watching my favourite show
Counting down to the last working day of the week
Yawnnnn, good night world!

Tong Pak Fu

Went to Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur) for a short trip
Got to know that the Hong Kong’s famous dessert stall is now operating there.

As usual, I was still chose my all time favourite
Mango Sago Pomelo

Don’t forget to mention the curry fishball too
A street finger food where I took it almost literally ‘everyday’ when I was in Hong Kong

Mixed Ice-shake Mango