I used to see a world with hope
A childlike faith that having sparks in their eyes while looking at the substance of things hope for

For times,
You chose to stand behind, quietly.
Knowing that I may fall miserably, but that’s the only way to make me grown

Father, for when You’re of interest in moulding me
Are You at the same time concerning the brokenness will overtaken all the strength in me?
It is not the world that crushed me down
It is the false hope that ripped me off …

Ayumi Hamasaki – Dearest

It would be nice if we could put away and throw out everything except what really matter, but reality is just cruel.

In such times,
I see you laughing
whenever I close my eyes.

Until the day I reach eternal sleep,
that smiling face will have to stay with me without fail.

People are all sad,
so they go and forget, but …

For that which I should love,
For that which gives me love, I will do what I can.